Cratex and Social Photo Booths ~ A Christmas Party!

Let the party begin! The Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre hosted a Christmas party for Cratex in their Grand Ball Room on Nov. 25. It didn’t take long to get the photo booth humming! Even before the food and drinks started to flow the line up for the props had begun. It took more than a few announcements to get the picture takers to their seats to begin the meal and receive awards from the past year.  Then it was on, the photo booth was flashing non stop so it seemed as the evening wore on. The open bar made for a few interesting moments in the photo booth…all with good intensions of course, but perhaps a few may not have remembered the pictures they had taken. Check out the photo booth gallery to see the fun they may have missed.

Thanks to Miki for having us at your party! Wishing you a great year!


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