Drew’s 27th Birthday with SPB!

For the past 3 years, Drew has celebrated his Birthday with a Mexican flair in Edmonton, AB. Only natural, considering he’s half Mexican! The house is decorated Mexican styles, “sombreros” and mustaches lay around for people to dress up and take pictures in. Grandma or “Bita” as Drew calls her will usually prepare delicious Mexican food consisting of chicken tacos, rice, beans, home made salsa and guacamole! This year she sent Drew the recipes all the way from Mexico City, and coached him over the phone so he could deliver a flawless meal for his amigos!  The Corona flowed like wine,  not to mention the occasional tequila shot, and maybe a few extra for the Birthday Boy! Last but not least, the pinata! In Mexico it is tradition to hang a pinata at a kid’s fiesta but as far as Drew is concerned, you are never too old!  They set up in the field across the house, hang the pinata in a tree, Drew distributes the lyrics to a Mexican song which is traditionally sung as people swing at the pinata, sort of like a cheer, then the hilarity ensues as half drunk, blindfolded adults try to break a pinata and sing a song in a language they do not speak.

This year Drew decided to add a new element to the fiesta, the photo booth! It’s hard to say what the highlight of  the party was between the home cooked Mexican meal, cold cervezas, or watching grown men dive for candy pouring from the poor battered pinata. But never mind, we’ll go ahead and declare it, the photo booth was the highlight!  What a major hit, and everyone went home with a great keepsake of the fun they had at Drew’s fiesta, or maybe a little reminder to take less tequila shots next year….

Happy 27th Birthday, Drew! We hope to see you at your party next year, salut!


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