Justin & Michelle Married at Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club!

Can you say best mom ever?! Liz found out about us a few months ago through a close friend, when her son Justin was getting married to the love of his life, Michelle, she thought, “What a fun idea to add a Social Photo Booth to the reception!”  So she grabbed her phone and booked SPB for the big day.

Justin & Michelle married at Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club, a perfect little place to host 100 guests that came from all over, including Michelle’s family from the Philippines, to share this day with the pair of them. We instantly knew this would be a fun crowd when we heard DJ Glen Millar with Capital DJ Services play the Star Wars soundtrack, as the couple entered the room. There was a line the entire night of people dressed in props waiting for their shot to pose in the booth, including Liz!

For us, it is so gratifying to watch people from different cultural backgrounds enjoy taking their pictures together. Laughter is a Universal language!  You don’t have to speak English, to figure out how to look goofy and push the button as you pose for the camera, evident from the giggles and hysterical laughs coming from behind the closed curtains. It is contagious and it definitely puts a smile on our face too! Congratulations Michelle and Justin, and to you Liz, for a job well done playing such a major role in the planning of their special day.

 Click here to view photo strips from their wedding!

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