Protostatix Engineering Celebrate the Holidays with SPB!

The Zinc Restaurant is a terrific venue located at the Alberta Gallery of Alberta. For some of the finest food (try their pan-seared Bison…WOW!) and service in Edmonton, be sure to visit Zinc. We were given the opportunity to set up our photo booth at Protostatix Engineering’s Holiday party on Dec. 17. From the moment we opened the photo booth, the employees really loved it! During the meal, people kept getting up to take their photos, laughing and giggling as the flashes went off inside. As the evening went on, the music began pumpin’ and everyone was up dancin’! The space in the restaurant was somewhat limited with our booth and DJ sharing the same space, next to the dance floor, which resulted in a few cases where the photo booth people and dance floor people had some minor bumps! All in fun of course and it became natural to just dance right into the booth to take another picture. What a fun group, thanks for having us and we hope to “bump” into each other again soon!


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